Long Island Library Conference

On May 4 I was fortunate enough to attend the Long Island Library Conference. It was a really great opportunity and experience.

There were three program sessions, exhibits, and a keynote speaker. The first session I attended was called “A Candid Look at Autism,” and the speakers were Michael Werner and Jonathan Civardi. Werner read us the picture book that he wrote called Aspey’s Adventures with Asperger’s, which was really sweet and powerful as it looked at his childhood and personal struggles growing up with Asperger’s. Civardi, a motivational speaker, also spoke about his experiences and life with Asperger’s. The two come speak at libraries and I really think having them speak to children would be a great opportunity for libraries to take advantage of because it helps children with and without autism understand it better.

The second session I went to was led by Young Adult author Lauren Oliver. For those of you who aren’t YA readers, her book Before I Fall is about to be released as a movie. She spoke about her writing process and the publishing industry. This personal information and her experiences would be great to share with teens interested in the book and movie, and may get them to want to read more of her work.

The third session I attended was about how to promote the library’s online resources. I felt that this one was very relevant to the current state of librarianship, as many libraries are desperately trying to educate patrons about all of the databases and resources that are available with their library card. One of the suggestions was sending email blasts to card holders, which I thought was an interesting idea.

It was amazing to see how many librarians were there, and how small the Long Island library world is. I saw many classmates and people I’ve met through meetings and other events there. Overall it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone entering the library world.


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