Off the Shelves Reflection


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I found the feedback from my classmates on the Off the Shelves presentation to be very helpful. I agree with all of their suggestions. I definitely did not do the best that I could have done due to nerves, which is very frustrating. I appreciate that one classmate who wrote “DON’T BE NERVOUS.”

I also agree that I needed a stronger hook at the beginning to get the children’s attention and draw them in. I started by asking who liked fantasy and science fiction novels, but it would have been better if I had started by reading the first sentence of the book and then engaging them or by bringing up that it’s a commonly banned book or that there is a new movie coming out. I also think that it would have been better if I had more confidence in myself and gave the plot description in my own words, especially because I am a lifelong fan of A Wrinkle In Time and know it well. I was afraid that using flash cards would look bad and have the children not take me as seriously, but now I realize that it would have been better than getting flustered and forgetting a lot of what I wanted to say. It also would have given me more confidence and I would have spoke more authoritatively.
I am glad that my classmates appreciated that I brought in different formats of the book. I wanted to try to engage as many readers as possible, and thought the graphic novel version of the book might help sway more kids to read the book.
Overall, I would love to do another booktalk and implement these changes. I found this to be a very insightful experience.
Image from: Pinaud, G.(2006). Nico looks at himself. Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved from:

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