Book Review 1: Bud, Not Buddy


Curtis, C.P. (1999) Bud, not buddy. New York, NY: Random House Children’s Books.

Major Awards

Newbury Medal- 2000

Coretta Scott King Author Award – 2000

Golden Kite Award for Fiction – 2002

This book is about a 10-year-old orphan named Bud runs away from a bad situation with a foster family and goes on a quest to find the man he believes to be his father. The writing is realistic, the book takes place during the Great Depression, and not everything is always happy. Some of the unpleasant topics include death, bullying, and feeling unwanted. However, there is a lot of humor in the book, and Bud is extremely likable and the supporting characters are intriguing and complex as well.


Gaiman, N & McKean, D. 2008. The graveyard book. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishing.

Major Awards

Newbury Medal – 2009

Hugo Award – 2009

Carnegie Medal – 2010



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