Useful Children’s Book Blogs

The two blogs that I chose were What to Read to Your Kids and Lit for Kids. What I really found helpful about both blogs were the different categories that librarians can use to choose appropriate material for different programs and collection development. For example, What to Read to Your Kids is separated by board books, early readers, chapter books for newly independent readers, and several other age and reading level categories. There are also topic categories that range from farms and farm animals, family dynamics and sports. It goes even more in depth by categorizing book reviews by what year it was published.

Lit for Kids is very user friendly, and also breaks down books by age groups and then smaller categories on topics. I also really like that they had a category for bilingual picture books and book lists for feminist readers of different age groups. The website also has links to other sites for resources and is updated often, which is definitely a tool that librarians can look for when trying to find out which new books to purchase.

From my classmates:

Great Kids Books: Lisa chose the blog Great Kids Books and I feel like it complements the blogs I chose because it is easy to use and breaks down books into categories like age, year published, and types of books. It also has links to different professional resources and different personal favorites.

The NonFiction Detectives: Patrick and Jennifer (and I think a few others) chose this blog, and I like it because it has a wealth of nonfiction material for children and easy to use labels. This can help librarians quickly find information for a child who needs books on a particular topic for a report.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: This blog was a favorite of Ann’s, and I like it a lot because there are clear cut categories (I’m clearly in love with easy usability and categories), and there are also a HUGE number of links to other blogs and resources on the side. I agree with Ann that’s it’s a little overwhelming to look at, but I like that it’s there and can be of use to librarians who are just starting out.



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