It’s a Hard Knock Life for ‘Annie’

Everyone knows the 1982 film Annie about the cute little New York City orphan who steals the heart of Daddy Warbucks in the 1930s. It’s the rags-to-riches story that Hollywood loves so much, and in this movie it’s through the eyes of a child.

Annie reflects 1930s childhood in that she is given more of a workload (cleaning the orphanage) than she would be if she were a child today. One would also like to think that if the story took place today, Miss Hannigan would have CPS to answer to.

Despite her hardship, Annie’s hope and faith remain steadfast, two traits that many children share regardless of their life circumstances. Like many children, she is also more intelligent than the adults in her life give her credit for, and is able to outsmart Rooster, Lily, and Miss Hannigan when they kidnap her.

Whether or not Annie is the most accurate portrayal of how childhood was like during the 1930s is debatable, but she does possess qualities that we attribute to children of all generations.


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