Teen Beats: Teen Music Program Proposal

The program Nicole and I developed is Teen Beats, a teen music recording program for the Middle Country Public Library. Designed for high school students grades 9-12. In this 5 session program teens will learn how to produce, record and edit their own music in any genre they want. Local musicians and djs will come in to show them teens how to use Garageband, Audacity, a high quality microphone, headphones, and other recording equipment. At the end of the program teens will have a CD to show their skills in recording as well as creative musical expression.

The easiest part of the program proposal was coming up with an idea. We both are eager to get started as teen librarians and through readings, class discussions, and twitter exchanges we  had a lot of stuff ready to go. Prior experience with actual programming in the library made some of the proposal easy such as the description, what was needed, when/ where etc.

Harder parts of the proposal were rationale. ‘Because teens like music, duh’ wasn’t a good enough response. Going back into the library and seeing what they offered and how it can tie in was important.

Luckily, libraries across the country have seen the importance of music programming. Chicago Public Library and their YOUmedia programming in particular was a great resource and cited heavily in our literature review portion. Narrowing down the multitude of positive outcomes and personal experiences we found in many of the articles was another hard part, but we were ultimately able to concisely show how our program could mirror the success.


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