Teens and Boundaries

8. Your impulse is to give teens cash, food, a ride, a place to stay... (Velasquez, p 108) 9. Teens want to say hello by hugging you. (Velasquez, p. 109) Boundaries are important in any professional atmosphere, ESPECIALLY when you're dealing with minors. It's important for teens to see you as a person they can … Continue reading Teens and Boundaries


Reader’s Advisory on Twitter

My reader's advisory plan will use my Annotated List topic of mental health for teens through Twitter. The plan will take place during the month of May because it is Mental Health Month. Week 1: May 1-6 First Tweet: May is Mental Health Month. Get more information on library resources here http://tinyurl.com/gnyjgd3 Tweet out brief … Continue reading Reader’s Advisory on Twitter

Annotated List: Mental Health Resources For Teens

This annotated list is meant to help teens find information about different types of mental health illnesses through the New York Public Library's catalog. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 teens live with a mental health condition ("Teens and Young Adults," para 1). Instead of choosing one specific mental disorder, … Continue reading Annotated List: Mental Health Resources For Teens