Week 6 Discussion: Digital Spaces

The library I have selected for my community profile, the Brentwood Public Library, has a strong online presence for its Young Adult section. Teens at this library have a special blog that is dedicated to them called Teen Central, as well as their own Teen Central Facebook page.

The Teen Central blog is a great tool for the young adults of Brentwood. Here it lists the different YA events that are happening at the library, along with links to the library’s main website’s event calendar and catalog. Along the side of the screen there are links for homework help, information on car insurance for teens, college information, and career resources. There is also a list links labeled “teen issues” that gives information on Family Service League/Programs for Youth, as well as teen parenting and health resources. These tools echo the sentiment of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)’s report “The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: a Call to Action,” which suggests that “the library makes it possible for skilled people around the world, either physically or digitally, to support teen needs by providing coaching, mentoring, and hands-on opportunities for learning.” (Braun, Hartment, et. al, 2014, p 10).

In terms of social media, the Teen Central Facebook page is great because it allows teens to see announcements and posts that are only related to them. This may be more enticing to a teen than the thought of following the library’s main Facebook page, which would focus more on children and adult content that they aren’t interested in.

The YALSA report states that “libraries need to embrace the connected learning model and recognize that they must do more to engage teens via the library’s technology presence and services.”  (Braun, Hartment, et. al, 2014, p 6). From my research I have found that the Brentwood Public Library does engage teens digitally.


Braun, L., Hartman, M., Hughes-Hassell, S., and Kumasi, K., with Yoke, B. (2014). The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action. Available at http://www.ala.org/yaforum/future-library-services-and-teens-project-report


One thought on “Week 6 Discussion: Digital Spaces

  1. Good description Lindsay, my question for you would be about how much teens are invited to interact in these digital spaces or if they are mainly a one way communication tool? If they are, why do you think that is? How do these spaces fit then in the Report suggestions of creating “participatory and collaborative environment(s)” (p.5)? Ideas to ponder for tomorrow #777w6


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