Interview With A Teen Librarian Summary

Christine, the Young Adult librarian that I interviewed, was very knowledgeable and gave great insight into the different issues and trends in teen librarianship. Many of these topics were the same ones that we have discussed in class. From my conversation with Christine and what we’ve already studied, here are the main points that I found to be most helpful and relevant.

  •  Listen. Ask the teens what kind of programs they would like to see at the library and try to implement them. Work with their schedules so that more teens are able to attend the programs.
  • For your collection, make sure you have the classics and award-winning books, but also keep up with the latest crazes and make sure you have copies of current popular novels.
  • Read the latest blogs, book journals, and whatever other resources you can use to stay current and make your YA space relevant to your community and teen patrons.
  • This age group is least likely to come into the library, mainly due to the fact that they are so fluent in technology and don’t think that the physical library has anything to offer them. It is our job as teen librarians to try to find ways to get them into the library and show them all the programs and resources that are available within the building’s walls.
  • Teens need their own YA space, because unfortunately a lot of adult patrons are not welcoming to teens in the library. It gives them a place to feel comfortable and work collaboratively with one another.

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